With over R1,5 billion in premium volume, Simah has a significant footprint in South Africa, networks across Africa and strategic partnerships to service international clients in offshore markets.

Origins of the
Simah Group

The Simah Group was officially formed in 2022 with the amalgamation of:

Peter Olyott, CEO of Indwe Broker Holdings, Gavin Searle, and Steyn McDowall are shareholders in our business. The initial transaction was facilitated with African Rainbow Capital Financial Investments (ARC) between the Indwe & Simah Groups. 

At the end of 2022, ARC expressed an interest to divest having facilitated the transaction which presented Simah with the opportunity to investigate various opportunities in the B-BBEE space.  Simah partnered with Invequity through the Dash Private equity Fund, and is a 51% Black Owned group, of which 33.38% is Black Woman Owned and is a proud level 1 B-BBEE contributor. 

Invequity uniquely harnesses the rules for Private Equity Funds in the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Codes of Good Practice to allow their partners, proudly including The Simah Group, the opportunity to achieve their Black Ownership objectives while substantially moving the needle for early-stage South African businesses operating in key sectors including Education, Technology, and Agriculture that greatly impact economic inclusion and growth in the South African economy.

For further detail on Invequity’s product offering, visit www.invequity.co.za.


Simah’s Specialist Divisions

Whilst each division of the Simah Group has its own area of deep specialisation, each is also able to leverage broad cross-sectoral experience.

Simah Risk Solutions (Authorised FSP No. 280) offers customised solutions for large commercial and corporate clients through specialised risk placements, considered advice and holistic operational and strategic risk management services.

Simah Risk Advisors  (Authorised FSP No. 13223) offers state-owned and government client market segments specialised risk management advisory services and commercial insurance.

Acuideas (Authorised FSP No. 46696) provides insurance administration and advisory support for independent brokers, as well as product development and training for a range of different markets.

Our partners

Key partnerships add to the range of products and solutions offered by Simah. Because we are exceptionally well-networked, we have access to international capacity and facilities, including Eikos Simah Risk Group (ESRG), the Allied Africa Broker Network and the broker platform, Acuideas.

Simah is also supported by specialist partners when it comes to:

Employee benefits
& medical aid


Marine hull

High net worth
personal insurance

Credit & debit management solutions

Crisis response

Forestry & plantations

What we do Industry expertise Opportunities

Our Executive Leaders

Steyn McDowall
Managing Director, Simah Risk Solutions | Simah Risk Advisors

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Gavin Searle
Managing Director, Simah Risk Holdings

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Peter Olyott
Non-Executive Director, Simah Risk Holdings

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Suhana Kohlöffel-Neerahoo
Non-Executive Director, Simah Risk Advisors

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